Special Needs Registry

Allegheny County Emergency Management Agency's Special Needs Registry allows residents with physical, mental health or intellectual disabilities to provide information to the Department of Emergency Services. This voluntary information may then be shared with those responding to a home for a police, fire or medical emergency. The Special Needs Registry is intended only for those who live independently and not in a residential needs facility such as a nursing home or group home. The Special Needs Registry can be found at the County’s website at www.alleghenycounty.us/specialneedsregistry Information provided through the Registry will be programmed to appear on the screen when an emergency call is made from the home. This will allow dispatchers to alert emergency responders that there may be a unique situation in the home involving a person with special needs.

Premise Alert

Premise Alert is the county alert system designed for residents with special needs. The information provided on the Alert Form will help emergency responders (Police, Fire and EMS) to know when responding to your home.  The Premise Alert Request Forms can be found on Etna Borough website under forms, or can be downloarded HERE.  When the form is completed, please return it to the borough building. The information provided on this form will be kept confidential and will only be seen by emergency dispatchers who would be dispatching emergency personnel if a call comes from your home in an emergency. Your participation in the program is voluntary.

It is encouraged for anyone with the following disabilities to submit this form; Any physical, mental health or intellectual disability that would prevent an individual from leaving the home quickly if told to do so, or caused to do so, should be summitted. This could include individuals with autism, those who are deaf and / or blind, and those who have intellectual disabilities, as well as persons with mental health or physical challenges. 

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