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First Congregational Church of Etna

Corner Of Locust & Walnut Streets
Etna, PA 15223
(412) 781-9427

Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Donn Ed

Sunday Mass Schedule:  Sunday 10:15 AM

Stay after worship for fellowship and brunch in Fellowship Hall every Sunday!

A little church with a big heart!  Come worship with us! 

Congregational means governed by the members of the congregation a practice that goes all the way back to the earliest Christians. Our church history in America begins with the Pilgrims. They believed that each person should be able to read and understand the Bible and follow Christ according to his or her conscience. As a covenanted community, we gather to worship, to learn, to explore, to share, to pray, to have fun, to serve, and to express the creative spirit we have from God and the love shown in Christ.

The First Congregational Church of Etna was gathered in 1849 when Etna was a cluster of hamlets. Our present brick building with its second floor sanctuary (accessible by chair lift) was built in 1880. As the oldest church in Etna, we have a long standing commitment to accept people with many different backgrounds and faith experiences.

Everyone welcome- is not just a phrase, it is our philosophy and we invite you to all of the services and programs of this church.

We at The First Congregational Church of Etna are striving to be the greatest living Christian Congregational Church that God has called us to be.

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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