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Alfatimiah of Pittsburgh

89 Cherry Way
Etna, PA 15223
(412) 407-2605
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Alfatimiah of Pittsburgh was founded on the 15th of Shaban 1433 of the Islamic calendar year in the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA ( June 2012)

Mission of the organization:

  • To pursue religious, social and educational activities based on the teachings of Islam.
  • To provide a place for offering of prayers, performance of other religious observances, and cultural activities.
  • To educate the children and the youth based on the morals of Islam.
Policy of the organization:

The organization’s is policy is based on Islam which is based on:

  • The holly Quran
  • Tradition of Prophet Muhammad (The last of the Prophets)
  • Guidance of Ahl-ul-Bait represented by the Twelve Imams beginning with Imam Ali Bin Abi-Talib and ending with observed Imam AL-MAHDI .
  • Teaching of the supreme religious reference (AL-MARJEAA) of the Shiat.

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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