Administrative Offices: 412-492-1200

Etna public school children, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, attend classes in the Shaler Area School District. Along with Etna, the district also serves the communities of Shaler Township, Millvale, and Reserve. In addition to general classes, Shaler also offers gifted and special education programs to meet the needs of all students.

Snow delays or closings are reported on most of the Pittsburgh morning radio programs.

Etna residents vote for and are represented by three members of the school board.
Each year, the Borough hosts the ‘Million Word Reader ” from Shaler Area School District, as a day of celebration for students from the Shaler Area School District who have reached the “million word”mark for books read!!  Students have use of the entire playground and swimming pool facility, compliments of Etna Borough!!!  We provide all the personnel necessary for this great day of fun!

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